Ahimsa means non-violence. According to the Vedic understanding not only does that apply to human beings but all the living entities. The concept of Ahimsa is followed to develop compassion in the heart. This serves as an important principle to rise from an attitude of selfishness to that of selflessness, to celebrate others’ success and share their sorrow. This is very much an important principle in human life for peaceful coexistence with men and nature, a major pillar of religious life.

Universal fraternity should include all living beings and not be limited to a particular sect. of course we may not go and kiss a tiger or pat a snake! Yet we can understand that there is spirit inside every living being and that we have to give them the due respect.

Cows and Bulls are an inseparable part of human existence since ages in the traditional culture. World peace is possible when there is peace at home. These are the peaceful animals in the range of any human’s vision. If one cannot be peaceful for them, how can one be peaceful for other living beings? Moreover they supply us with various needs to live in this world, with their Milk and work.

Traditionally the success of a society or country is rated in regards to the happiness of cows, wise men and saintly persons. Why? Saints and the intelligent class are the head of the society and the cows provide food for the belly which will nourish the brain. So they both ought to be happy in all circumstances for our well being. Throughout the scriptures we see the cow as a symbol of peace and compassion. It is ironical that the same being is the target of violence and harassment for so many unspoken purposes driven out of greed and hypocrisy. Yet we support our stance and contend quoting economic growth as the accelerator and GDP to be our destiny.

Did we succeed in our attempts to be happy by prospering at the cost of poor animals’ lives? We boast ourselves to be among the top exporters and efficient in utilizing live stock. We may have made a lot of living. Did we make it to life? Are we intelligent at the first place? How much have we accelerated our own destruction causing environmental and internal pollution in the near past? How can we be happy killing our poor brothers to satisfy our palate and to fill our pockets?

We need to change our strategies, our stances. We are not bereft of ideas and options. We are intelligent beings and there is enough way out. So, let us join together to start protecting the innocent beings, especially the cows and the bulls the mother and father of mankind. Let us be the change we want to be. Let us adopt or at least support who protect Cows and Bulls. Then we can automatically achieve world peace and inner peace even without the help of united efforts by organizations.

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